Unrecognized Oriental Churches

Unrecognized, Non-Canonical Oriental Orthodox Churches

There are several unrecognised Oriental Orthodox Churches; several of them are well-known historical Churches, while others remain inconspicuous. A prominent example is the Malabar Independent Syrian Church/Thoziyoor Sabha founded by Bishop Abraham Mar Koorilose and originating from the Syriac and Indian Orthodox Churches. Later, the Church fell out of communion with the Orthodox. They then established communion with, and received ordinations from, the Protestant-oriented/reformed Marthoma Syrian Church of Malabar, which itself separated from the Indian Orthodox Malankara Church.

Some of these Churches are:

       The Syro–Orthodox Francophone Church (an Oriental Orthodox Church based in France               that observes the Syriac-Malankara Rite);

       The Independent Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (consisted of breakaway groups from         the Antiochian Syriac Orthodox Church  and no longer exists);

       The Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, under the Holy Synod in Asmara (His Holiness               Abune Antonios, a canonical Patriarch, was deposed by the Holy Synod in Asmara in 2006           and remains under house arrest);

       The Holy Synod of St Athanasius Congregation for Egyptians and Middle Eastern Orthodox           Christians (a group started by Maximus Youhanna, a former member of the Coptic                         Orthodox Church);

       The Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church of North and South America (another unrecognised         group, claiming they were founded by the Ethiopian Prelate Abune Mikael and associating            with several unrecognized Orthodox Churches and Western Rite Orthodox Churches).